Welcome to Atlantic County

Welcome to the Atlantic County

Dennis Levinson, County ExecutiveThis Web site is dedicated to providing residents and visitors with information and access to the full range of services offered by county government. Visitors to the site will find important information about health and safety, recreation and leisure activities, education and employment opportunities and a variety of social services available to the public - all the things that contribute to making Atlantic County such a great place to live, work and visit!

Dennis Levinson
County Executive



The Executive Office includes the function of County Administrator. The Internal Auditor, Treasurer's Office, Capital Planning, all County Departments, and the County Library System report directly to the County Administrator's office. The Executive Office fulfills all duties required under the Charter Form of Government and all state statutes.

Division of Facilities Management
The Administrator's Office supervises the Division of Facilities Management. This Division provides a full service maintenance operation responsible for over 1 million square feet of county buildings. Implementation of capital improvements at existing county facilities are initiated within this Division. Facilities Management's divisional summary can be found under the Department of Public Works.

Division of Library Services
The mission of the Atlantic County Library System is to offer informational and recreational materials which will educate, enlighten, and enrich the lives of area residents.

The Library System's ten branches, Bookmobile, Book-by-Mail program, and Buena Community Reading Center provide access to materials in a variety of formats to appeal to a diverse population with a wide range of interests and needs.

Office of Internal Audit

Capital Planning & Property Management

Office of the Treasurer
The Office of the Treasurer is the central finance center for all county departments and operations. This Office is responsible for receipt, collection, deposit, disbursement and investment of all funds. As the central finance office it develops, controls and reviews accounting functions for each department. These activities are supported by a Central Accounts Payable Unit and a Grants Unit.

The Accounts Payable Unit is responsible for reviewing and auditing all county requests for payment and disbursing weekly checks to vendors. The Grants Unit reviews and monitors all county grant activities to ensure program compliance, proper charges and receipt of funds.

In addition, this Office maintains a central payroll system and disburses biweekly payroll checks to all county personnel. The Office aggressively pursues technology upgrades to provide a seamless management information system.

Office of Communications
The Office of Communications serves as the central source of county information for its employees, the general public and the media. Its goal is to effectively communicate and promote awareness of county programs and services available to residents, businesses and visitors. The office is responsible for a number of county communication functions such as web services, media relations, public information activities, emergency response communications, graphic coordination and special events planning.

The Department of Administrative Services includes the Divisions of Human Resources, Information Technologies, Budget and Purchasing and the Office of Veteran's Services.

The Department also offers grant research to identify funding sources to support county government initiatives and programs. The Department also assists County Administration in the development of the Freeholder package which is the list of action items for each meeting.

Division of Budget & Purchasing Budget and Purchasing provides technical assistance in the development of the annual County Budget as well as budget maintenance activities on a day to day basis. The Purchasing Unit processes all departmental purchase requests and ensures compliance with state contracting guidelines. It is the goal of this office to continue to have budget and purchasing staff work together to identify potential cost containment areas and assist departments with maximizing the use of their appropriations.

Division of Human Resources The Division of Human Resources consists of Personnel, Health Benefits, and Training. Personnel maintains County personnel policies and procedures and personnel transactions. This Unit is involved in the recruitment and placement of employees for all units of County Government. The Benefits office is responsible for working with Personnel on compensation and other benefit offerings, as well as management of the health benefits budget. The Training Unit identifies areas of training needs and either brings trainers in or the Division works to create an in-house program to assist in keeping our work force trained on task specific areas as well as job related issues.

Office of Equal Opportunity The Office of Equal Opportunity monitors county government for compliance with appropriate laws and guidelines regarding equal opportunity and nondiscrimination. This Office provides direct service to the citizens of our county through its effective oversight of these sensitive issues.

Division of Information Technologies The Division of Information Technologies consists of Management Information Systems (MIS), Telecommunications, Records Management, Quick Copy, Printing and Graphics and Mailroom. MIS maintains a wide area network which encompasses over 1,000 users and connects the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts network. Telecommunications assists MIS by managing various communication systems that allow voice and data transmissions. Telecommunications also provides switchboard services for all county offices and the court vicinage. Quick Copy produces various print and presentation materials for County Departments through copier or offset press services as well as supplying graphic work when needed. The mailroom is responsible for U.S. mail for both the County Office Building and the Civil Court, bundling courier mail and sorting and delivering mail in the County Office Building.

Office of Veteran's Services The Office of Veteran's Services works closely with other veteran and human service agencies to provide assistance, referrals and case management for military veterans and their family members regarding legal rights and eligibility benefits. The office currently manages 400 active files and has been successful in obtaining claim benefits for county veterans in excess of $4 million.

Records Management Records Management is responsible for maintaining the County's archival and daily operational records in compliance with state rules and regulations. This Unit manages a 7,099 square foot building that stores all archived materials except for historical items and plans. In addition to full utilization of this center, the Unit works with other departments to manage their records in the most efficient and economical manner. To accomplish records goals, the County has submitted and subsequently been awarded PARIS funds made available through PL 2003, Chapter 117.

The purpose of the Department of Family and Community Development is to support and empower individuals and families in need, promote independence through recognition of personal responsibility, encourage healthy behaviors while reducing social problems, provide services of value to taxpayers and strengthen the quality of life in Atlantic County through workforce development and a vast network of supportive services.

The Department is committed to providing universal access to employment opportunities and work force development for the citizens of Atlantic County. The Department provides individuals and families with supportive services, either in-house or through a network of partnerships with public and private agencies, which include child support, medical and financial assistance, substance abuse and mental health assessment and treatment, adult and literacy education, and senior citizen programs.

The Department of Human Services includes four Divisions: Meadowview Nursing Home, Support Services, Public Health and Intergenerational Services.

Division of Intergenerational Services The Division of Intergenerational Services plans for and provides services to assist senior citizens, troubled youths and families, and residents challenged with physical and mental disabilities. The Division was created to ensure that the critical human service issues for these populations are addressed within the context of intergenerational recognition. Key elements of this initiative include cross generational planning and programming, local community involvement, at risk assessment strategies and cooperative shared services. This Division provides information and referrals for human service providers through its toll free call center at 1-888-426-9243.

This Division in cooperation with the County's Human Services Advisory Council, Youth Services Commission, Mental Health Advisory Board, its Senior Citizen and Disability Advisory Boards, and local agencies provides the planning and implementation services to research and configure the dynamics of our human services delivery system.

Division of Public Health The Division of Public Health is a unit of the Department of Human Services. Its core mission is to promote health and prevent disease. Consistent with its core mission, the Division has focused increasingly on its ability to plan for and respond to incidents of bioterrorism and other public health emergencies. This function is in response to federal and state initiatives to have local agencies be more involved in potential threats to its communities. The Division provides regional public health services to all of the municipalities in Atlantic County with the exception of Atlantic City which operates its own department. The Division is funded through a separate Public Health Tax and provides services in accordance with state statutes. All units are also partially funded through State grants and user fees.

The Environmental Health Unit tests private drinking wells, ocean water and other public recreational swimming areas. Inspection services are undertaken in retail food establishments, campgrounds, youth camps, pools, body art establishments and kennels. It investigates potential sources of air, water and noise pollution in addition to community health hazards such as vermin, rabid animals and lead paint. It reviews plans, issues permits and inspects new septic systems. The Unit tracks illegal dumpers, promotes workplace health and safety and responds to hazardous material incidents and other public health emergencies. It promotes healthy lifestyles through tobacco age of sale enforcement and public health education initiatives. This Unit also monitors environmental health indicators using geographic information systems computers and maintains public records.

The Community Health and Clinical Services Unit prevents and controls diseases such as TB and STD's through screening, contact tracing and treatment programs. This Unit investigates outbreaks of communicable diseases. Each Fall, flu clinics are conducted which administer vaccine to over 6,000 residents. The Unit also provides healthy child services such as immunizations, lead screening and special outreach including home visits and family health counseling. Screenings and risk assessments for the prevention of cancer and heart disease are managed within the Unit. The Unit also coordinates the Drug Testing Program for designated county employees as well as the Bloodborne Pathogens (Hepatitis B) Immunization Program for county and municipal employees.

The Substance Abuse Service Unit plans and coordinates a broad spectrum of community services for the prevention and treatment of substance abuse. It conducts programs that evaluate and educate persons convicted of "driving under the influence" of drugs or alcohol. The Unit also assesses and counsels county employees with potential substance abuse problems.

The Health Information, Planning and Education Unit plans, implements and evaluates a variety of community health education programs. This Health Information, Planning and Education Unit plans, implements and evaluates a variety of community health education programs. The unit further promotes health and wellness in the community through programs such as the "Live Stronger, Longer" health screening program and the "Get Fit for Life" wellness program. The unit promotes "Get Fit for Life" to community groups and employers throughout Atlantic County.

The Animal Shelter provides humane housing and disposition for stray and wild animals in order to control the spread of rabies in the community. Other services include animal adoptions, spay and neutering programs, rabies vaccinations and public education. The facility is open to the public seven days a week.

Office of Support Services The Office of Support Services administers the ordering, receipt, storage, distribution, and financial accounting for all supplies commonly used to support the operation of County government. This unit also prepares and delivers bulk meals, nearly 2,000 per day, for County facilities, contract agencies and the Home Delivered Meals Program. Inter office courier services are provided for all County agencies and centralized United States mail distribution and processing is provided for County departments in Northfield.

The Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a state licensed facility with accommodations for 180 residents, providing high quality nursing home care around the clock. The entire facility is certified for participation in both the Medicaid and Medicare programs. Services include comprehensive medical, dental, mental, therapeutic, rehabilitative, recreational, social, and dietary services.

DEPARTMENT OF LAW - (609) 343-2279
The Law Department provides legal advice to all county departments as well as the County's constitutional officers (County Clerk, County Prosecutor, Sheriff and Surrogate). The Department prepares and reviews legal documents affecting all operations of County government. The Law Department's attorneys represent the County in all civil litigation matters including the defense of law suits in both state and federal courts as well as matters before various Administrative Agencies. This includes the defense of all workers' compensation claims filed against the County. The Law Department represents the county in all labor relations matters which include: contract negotiations with unions representing various County workers; the processing of union grievances; and representation of the County's positions before the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) and other administrative agencies.

Office of the Adjuster and Claims Office The Law Department also conducts the business of the Office of the Adjuster and the Claims Office. The Adjuster manages the legal and financial matters involved in cases of county residents admitted to state facilities for the mentally ill or handicapped. The Claims Office investigates and administers all general liability and workers compensation cases filed against the county.

Consumer Affairs Please note, effective April 1, 2011, the Atlantic County Division of Consumer Affairs has been eliminated. Residents may contact the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection, toll free, at 1-800-242-5846 or visit www.njconsumeraffairs.gov for more information or to file a complaint.

The Department of Public Safety provides a comprehensive array of public services within its mission.

Division of Adult Detention The Division of Adult Detention operates the Gerard L. Gormley Justice Facility. This Division provides secure custody of adults accused or convicted of crimes and confined to that facility, while at the same time administers programs related to their health and welfare. The Division also develops and implements programs designed to provide alternatives to incarceration including the Day Reporting Program and Electronic Home Detention. To prepare offenders for reintegration into the community the Division offers a G.E.D. Course and job readiness training as well as a comprehensive Discharge Planning Program which works with many community based organizations to prepare the inmates to return to the community.

Office of Emergency Preparedness The Office of Emergency Preparedness operates Atlantic County's Emergency Operations Center at the Anthony "Tony" Canale Training Center. Emergency planning, coordination and implementation in preparation for, and as response to natural catastrophes, disasters, and aggressive acts, such as bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction are the primary mission of this office. The Office now includes a Hazardous Materials Response Team. The Office has the monumental task of providing training to all police, fire and emergency medical first responders in Atlantic County. This training includes the proper wearing of equipment provided under the first responder grant program as well as specific training in the area of bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. The Hazardous Material Response Team is integral in this training. The Office will be evaluating evacuation plans for the barrier islands in preparation for natural disasters as well as possible attacks of potential targets.

The Atlantic County Fire Marshall is assigned to this Office. The Fire Marshall accomplishes all duties as required by law, regulations and policies, in conjunction with other county facility and building managers. This Office performs all fire service activities under the direction of the County Emergency Management Coordinator.

The Atlantic County Park Rangers are assigned to this Office and provide emergency services within the County's park system. The system is made up of 14 parks covering 6,200 acres from Atlantic City to Folsom. The rangers are responsible for providing first response law enforcement, emergency medical, and rescue services to the park patrons.

The Office oversees the coordinated 800 MHz communications system which has the ability to tie all public safety radio users together in times of emergencies. To further enhance the system and provide for the best coordination during emergency situations, the Office utilizes its new communications/incident command vehicle which was acquired with Homeland Security grant funding.

Canale Training Center The Canale Center is also home to both the Atlantic County Police Training Center and the Atlantic County Fire Training Center which supports all emergency medical, fire emergency management and law enforcement training. In conjunction with its training responsibilities, related training activities take place at satellite facilities such as the Atlantic County Firearms Range.  Click here for Directions.

Office of Highway Safety The Highway Safety Office operates within the Department to provide comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the county's exposure in relation to our roads, highways and other facilities. Highway Safety continues to remain a high priority within the Department and County.

Youth Detention The Department also administers the Harborfield's Youth Detention Center through a contract with the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission.

The Department of Public Works has a diverse mission which is accomplished utilizing five divisions. The Department is configured to provide on call 24 hour a day service within it's area of responsibilities.

Division of Parks The Division of Parks and Recreation operates and maintains over 6,200 acres within the County Park System. Over 400,000 visitors annually enjoy the camping, boating, picnic areas and educational programs provided by the Division. The John F. Gaffney Green Tree Golf Course provides affordable recreation for area golfers and is operated and maintained by the Division. The Division also provides grounds maintenance for all county facilities. The Division continues to utilize the County's web site and other avenues to promote outdoor recreation.

Division of Roads & Bridges The Division of Roads and Bridges maintains over 370 miles of county roads and rights of way, 163 bridges and over 100 traffic signals. This Division ensures regularly scheduled repairs and maintenance on the county road network and highway infrastructure.

Office of Fleet Management The Office of Fleet Management maintains all county vehicles and heavy equipment. The Equipment Replacement Program and Fuel Management System are functions of this Office. The Office operates a full service maintenance facility in support of departmental objectives.

Office of Mosquito Control The Office of Mosquito Control carries out an extensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This comprehensive surveillance program involves inspections, biological and chemical controls, water management and public education, in coordination with the NJ DEP, the NJ Agriculture Experimental Station, and the Atlantic County Division of Public Health. The primary goal of this unit is to control mosquito populations to eliminate the spread of diseases, including the West Nile virus, reduce nuisance and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors of Atlantic County.

The Department of Regional Planning and Development oversees the Office of Policy and Planning, the Office of Geographic Information Services and the Department of Engineering.

Division of Engineering The Division of Engineering is responsible for the design, construction, inspection and maintenance of County roadways, bridges and related infrastructure. This includes traffic signalization, bridges, pavement, drainage structures, signage and striping standards. The Road Opening Permit unit in the Engineering Division is also responsible for the inspection and restoration of contractor road openings on the County system.

Office of Geographic Information Systems The Atlantic County Office of GIS (ACOGIS) is responsible for promoting, assisting and coordinating the development of GIS technologies in Atlantic County in support of County and local government. ACOGIS staff has utilized GIS in multiple applications, including environmental and health issues, land use planning, emergency preparedness, voting district mapping, transportation infrastructure and census data. The Atlantic County Office of GIS is also one of the original four counties in the State of New Jersey to participate in a pilot program with the New Jersey Office of Information Technology (NJOIT) that created Internet mapping applications for the county and its municipalities.

Office of Land Acquisition The Office of Land Acquisition implements the recommendations of the Atlantic County Open Space and Recreation Plan, October 2000. The Office ensures that sufficient Open Space is set aside for Atlantic County residents to enjoy through the traditional means of identifying and purchasing lands utilizing funds from the County's Open Space Trust and through the new and innovative County/Municipal Open Space Partnership Program.

Office of Policy and Planning The Office of Policy and Planning is responsible for implementing the County Planning Enabling Act within Atlantic County. The Enabling Act was established to ensure orderly development along county roadways and provide for adequate access and drainage facilities. The office reviews and approves all applications for subdivisions and site-plans which abut county properties and roadways. The office negotiates agreements with developers for improvements held in the public trust.

This office is also responsible for transportation, open space, land use, solid waste and water quality planning. The office also provides technical support for the Agricultural Review Board, Farmland Preservation Program, Planning Advisory Board, Solid Waste Advisory Commission, County Municipal Open Space Partnership Committee, and the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization. In 2006, the Office will continue involvement in the mandatory implementation of the State Stormwater Management Regulatory Program.

In the area of economic development, the Office provides technical assistance to businesses and municipalities with economic development plans and activities, as well as maintaining a county and regional database of economic information.


Municipal Complex
500 Mill Road 
Absecon, NJ 08201 
phone: 609-641-0663 fax: 609-645-5098
Mayor: John Armstrong
City Council: Chris Seher, Keith Bennett, Sandra Cain, Kimberly Horton, Frank Phillips, Michael Ring, Jim Vizthum
Municipal Clerk: Carie A. Crone 
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 8,411

Atlantic City
City Hall 
1301 Bacharach Blvd., Room 311 
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
phone: 609-347-5300 fax: 609-347-5638
Mayor: Don Guardian
City Council: Marty Small, Chuen "Jimmy" Cheng, Moisse Delgado, Frank Gilliam Jr., Jesse Kurtz, William Marsh, Aaron Randolph, Kaleem Shabazz, George Tibbitt
Municipal Clerk: Paula Geletei
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 39,558

1417 W. Brigantine Ave 
Brigantine, NJ 08203
phone: 609-266-7600 fax: 609-266-3823
Mayor: Philip J. Guenther 
City Council: Andrew Simpson, Karen Bew, Rick DeLucry, Dennis Haney, Michael Riordan, Vincent Sera
Municipal Clerk: Lynn Sweeney 
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 9,450

Buena Borough
616 Central Ave. 
Minotola, NJ 08341 
phone: 856-697-9393 fax: 856-697-3279
Mayor: David Zappariello
Borough Council: Rosalie Baker, Jorge Alvarez, Joseph Mancuso Jr., Jeffrey Marolda, Greg McAvaddy, Matthew Walker Sr.
Municipal Clerk: Maryann Coraluzzo
Designation: Borough
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 4,603

Buena Vista Township 
P.O. Box 605 
890 Harding Hwy. 
Buena, NJ 08310
phone: 856-697-2100 fax: 856-697-8651
Mayor: Chuck Chiarello
Committee Members: Teresa Kelly, John Armato, Steve Martinelli, John Williams
Municipal Clerk: Lisa Tilton
Designation: Township
Form of Government: Township Committee
Population: 7,570

Corbin City
316 Route 50 
Corbin City, NJ 08270
phone: 609-628-2673 fax: 609-628-3017
Mayor: Michael McGowan
City Council: Carol Foster, William Collins, Rose Turner
Municipal Clerk: Joanne Siedlecki
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 492

Egg Harbor City
500 London Ave. 
Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215 
phone: 609-965-0081 fax: 609-965-0715
Mayor: Lisa Jiampetti
City Council: Edward Dennis, Carol Kienzle, Stefania Kuehner, Angelo Lello, Clifford Mays Jr., Albert "Pat" Moran Jr., Hazel Mueller, Robert Ross, Mason Wright
Municipal Clerk: Meg Steeb
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 4,243

Egg Harbor Township
3515 Bargaintown Rd. 
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 
phone: 609-926-4000 fax: 609-926-4002
Mayor: James "Sonny" McCullough
Committee Members: Paul Hodson, Jr., Joseph Cafero, Frank Finnerty, Laura Pfrommer 
Municipal Clerk: Eileen Tedesco 
Designation: Township
Form of Government: Township Committee
Population: 43,323

Estell Manor 
P.O. Box 102 
148 Cumberland Ave.
Estell Manor, NJ 08319
phone: 609-476-2692 fax: 609-476-4588
Mayor: Stephen Teasenfitz 
City Council: Albert Barbetto, Jr., Larry Hughes, Linda Givens, Joe Venezia
Municipal Clerk: Fern Brown
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 1,735 

1700 12th St. 
Folsom, NJ 08037 
phone: 609-561-3178 fax: 609-561-5821
Mayor: Louis DeStefano
City Council: Charles Arena, James Hoffman, Ken Jantz, Bennett Pagano, Greg Schenker, Kyle Smith
Municipal Clerk:  Patricia Gatto
Designation: Borough
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 1,885

Galloway Township
300 E Jimmie Leeds Rd. 
Galloway Township, NJ 08205
phone: 609-652-3700 fax: 609-652-3233
Mayor: Don Purdy
City Council: Anthony Coppolla Jr., Richard Clute, Tony DiPietro, Frank Gargione, Robert Maldonado, Timothy Meadows Sr.
Municipal Clerk: Kelli Danieli
Designation: Township
Form of Government: Township Committee
Population: 37,349

Hamilton Township
6101 13th St. 
Mays Landing, NJ 08330 
phone: 609-625-1511 fax: 609-928-0921
Mayor: John Kurtz
Township Committee:Art Schenker, Rodney Guishard, Judy Link, Roger Silva 
Municipal Clerk: Rita Martino
Designation: Township
Form of Government: Township Committee
Population: 26,503

100 Central Ave. 
Hammonton, NJ 08037
phone: 609-567-4300 fax: 609-567-4302
Mayor: Stephen DiDonato 
Town Council: Tom Gribbin, Steven Furgione, Joseph Giralo, Mickey Pullia, Sam Rodio, Michael Torrissi Jr.
Municipal Clerk: April Boyer Maimone
Designation: Town
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 14,791

400 Poplar Ave. 
Linwood, NJ 08221 
phone: 609-927-4108 fax: 609-653-2730
Mayor: Richard DePamphilis, III
City Council: Ralph Paolone, Elliot Beinfest, Stacy DeDomenicis, Eric Ford, Todd Gordon, Brian Heun, Darren Matik
Municipal Clerk: Leigh Ann Napoli
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 7,092

2305 Atlantic Ave. 
Longport, NJ 08403 
phone: 609-823-2731 fax: 609-823-1781
Mayor: Nicholas Russo
Commissioners: Daniel J. Lawler, James Leeds Sr.
Municipal Clerk: Emilia Strawder 
Designation: Borough
Form of Government: Commission
Population: 895

1 S. Washington Avenue
Margate, NJ 08402
phone: 609-822-2605 fax: 609-487-1142
Mayor: Michael Becker
Commissioners: John Amodeo, Maury Blumberg
Municipal Clerk: Johanna Casey
Designation: City
Form of Government: Commission
Population: 6,354

Mullica Township
4528 White Horse Pike 
Elwood, NJ 08217 
phone: 609-561-7070 fax: 609-561-3031
Mayor: James Brown
City Council: Lawrence Riffle Jr., Ed Hagaman, Christopher Silva, John Walther
Municipal Clerk: Kimberly Johnson
Designation: Township
Form of Government: Township Committee
Population: 6,147

1600 Shore Rd. 
Northfield, NJ 08225 
phone: 609-641-2832 fax: 609-646-7175
Mayor: Erland Chau
City Council: Greg Dewees, Clifford Murray, Jr., Jeffrey Lischin, Jim O'Neill, Frank Perri Jr., Nicholas Piergiovanni, James Travagline, 
Municipal Clerk: Mary Canesi
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 8,624

18 N First St. 
Pleasantville, NJ 08232 
phone: 609-484-3600 fax: 609-641-8642
Mayor: Jesse Tweedle, Sr.
City Council: William Christmas, Nolan Allen, Ricky Cistrunk, Augustus Harmon, Lockland Scott, Stanley Swan Jr., Judy Ward
Municipal Clerk: Gloria V. Griffin
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 20,249

Port Republic
143 Main St. 
Port Republic, NJ 08241 
phone: 609-652-1501 fax: 609-652-8270
Mayor: Gary Giberson
City Council: Doris Bugdon, Steven Allgeyer, John Bonthron, Nicholas Capille, Roger Giberson, Donna Riegel, Kevin Wessler 
Municipal Clerk: Kimberly Campellone
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 1,115

Somers Point
1 W. New Jersey Ave. 
Somers Point, NJ 08244 
phone: 609-927-9088 fax: 609-926-3016
Mayor: John Glasser, Jr. 
City Council: Dennis Tapp, Carl D'Adamo, Howard Dill, Kirk Gerety, Sean McGuigan, Thomas Smith, James Toto
Municipal Clerk: Lucy Samuelsen
Designation: City
Form of Government: Mayor?Council
Population: 10,795

6201 Atlantic Ave. 
Ventnor, NJ 08406 
phone: 609-823-7900 fax: 609-823-8032
Mayor: Beth Holtzman 
Commissioners: Tim Kriebel, Lance Landgraf
Municipal Clerk: Lisa Hand
Designation: City
Form of Government: Commission
Population: 10,650

Weymouth Township
45 12th St.& South Jersey Ave. 
Dorothy, NJ 08317 
phone: 609-476-2633 fax: 609-476-4466
Mayor: Kenneth Haeser
Township Committee: Carl Keiffenheim, Edward Norton
Municipal Clerk: Dorothy-Jo Ayres
Designation: Township
Form of Government: Township Committee
Population: 2,715

Municipal Governments

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